CNH Board

The CNH Board of Directors meets on second Tuesday of every month,  6:30 - 8:30 PM. 

Please contact the Board President for more information.
2017-2018 City Neighbors Hamilton Board of Directors:
President: Felicity Knox
Chair of Executive Committee and Governance Committee
Vice President: Jellema Stewart
Chair of Advocacy Committee and Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Secretary: Lynette Svoboda
Chair of the Communications Committee
Treasurer: John Henderson
Chair of the Finance Committee
Director of Fundraising: Liz Spann
Chair of Fundraising Committee 
Director of Parent Committee: Maryhelen Pflug
Chair of Class Parent Committee (formerly Parent & Family Relations)
Director of Accountability: Monica Benkhedda
Chair of Accountability Committee
Director of Community Relations: Erika Coughlin
Chair of Community Relations Committee 
Director of Facilites: Leo Guevara
Chair of the Facilities Committee
Teacher Representative: Randy Johnson

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