Faculty and Staff

2017-2018 CNH Faculty and Staff
 Principal: Shyla Rao- srao@cityneighborshamilton.org
Office Administrator: Stephanie Kingsking@cityneighborshamilton.org 
Faculty, Elementary:
Kindergarten Teacher:  Lisa Bryant- lbryant@cityneighborshamilton.org 
Kindergarten Assistant:  Adilah Haris - aharis@cityneighborshamilton.org
1st Grade Teacher:  Emily Weber- eweber@cityneighborshamilton.org 
1st Grade Assistant: LaShawn Gardner - lgardner@cityneighborshamilton.org
2nd Grade Teacher:  Clara Walter - cwalter@cityneighborshamilton.org
 3rd Grade Teacher:  Marilyn Pierce - mpierce@cityneighborshamilton.org 
2nd/3rd Assistant:  Ashley Novak - anovak@cityneighborshamilton.org 
4th Grade Homeroom,4th-5th Literacy & Social Studies:  Tara McGarvey - tmcgarvey@cityneighborshamilton.org 
  5th Grade Homeroom,4th-5th Math & Science: Robert (Bob) Dietzen - rdietzen@cityneighborshamilton.org 
4th/5th Assistant:  Idris Olabode "Mr. O" - iolabode@cityneighborshamilton.org
Faculty, Middle School:
6th Grade Homeroom/MS Math:  Jason Smith- jsmith@cityneighborshamilton.org 
7th Grade Homeroom/MS Social Studies:   Anthony Smooth- asmooth@cityneighborshamilton.org
8th Grade Homeroom/MS Language Arts:  Odessa Armstrong - oarmstrong@cityneighborshamilton.org
Middle School Science:  Damon Harris- dharris@cityneighborshamilton.org 
Middle School Assistant:  Shardonnay Wright- swright@cityneighborshamilton.org 
The Arts:
Atelierista:  Hannah Cohen - hcohen@cityneighborshamilton.org 
Dance:  Symone Williams - swilliams@cityneighborshamilton.org
Music: Sterling Gray - sgray@cityneighborshamilton.org
Physical Education:
Special Education:
Special Education Office:  443-642-2514  Special Education Fax:  410-426-0159
Special Educator:  Kim Farley- kfarley@cityneighborshamilton.org 
Special Educator:  Jasper Gaerlan - jgaerlan@cityneighborshamilton.org
Special Educator:  Amanda Shipley-  ashipley@cityneighborshamilton.org
Special Educator: Randy Johnson- rjohnson@cityneighborshamilton.org
School Social Worker: 
School Psychologist:  Suzy McDonough - smcdonough@cityneighborshighschool.org
Health Suite:
Health Aide:  Elaine Henry
Health Suite:  443-642-2054  Health Suite Fax:  410-426-0159
Support Staff:
Utility:  Jerred Anderson, Celest Britton
Building Manager:  Gary Bryant
Cafe Manager:  
Cafe Aides:  Cindy Fenner, Stephanie Peay
Custodians:  Kevin Townsend
Crossing Guard:  Albert Vessells
City Neighbors Foundation:
Academic Director:  Mike Chalupa - mchalupa@cityneighbors.org 
Executive Director:  Bobbi Macdonald - bmacdonald@cityneighbors.org 

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