What’s Good in the Neighborhood, January 25, 2021


If you could tell the world what our school is about, and what we stand for, what would you say?  You have the opportunity to amplify an aspect of our school for the community by making a yard sign (or two)! Come by the school any day between 10:00-2:00 to pick up a yard sign and Sharpie marker -- as you see the materials are in the front lobby and are easy to grab and go.  Exclaim what makes our school special and impactful on a sign and bring it back to the school to put it in our front yard. [...]

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What’s Good in the Neighborhood, January 19, 2021


I am participating in a Meditation Challenge on the 10% Happier app. Today’s lesson was focused on overcoming life’s challenges, especially in this difficult time. They reminded us that we have survived 100% of our life’s challenges. This statement made me think about the quote from James Baldwin above. Part of overcoming obstacles is to face them, consider what can be changed, and focus on what we can do. When the obstacle extends beyond us as individuals to the larger community, I like to focus on how we can link arms to hold each other up and face adversity as a [...]

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What’s Good in the Neighborhood, January 11, 2021


In light of the events of this past week, the past four years, and honestly our lifetimes, it is important that we articulate our commitments as a community for creating a loving, equitable, fair, and discerning community. It is also important that we are able to articulate that we stand against racism, bigotry, hatred, and intolerance. Here is one small action I have made for our community -- I ordered 120 orange yard signs and chisel-tipped Sharpie markers for students and staff to pick-up and make a sign that states each family’s commitment for the CNH Community. Each yard sign will [...]

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What’s Good in the Neighborhood, January 4, 2021


Happy New Year from my family to yours!  This year, we celebrated in true pandemic style -- dressed from the waist up, pajamas from the waist down.  Gotta have a little fun, you know? Usually during breaks from school, I like to get out of my head and into my hands.  I work on projects around the house, dive back into my own artmaking practice, cook elaborate meals, and simply spend time with loved ones.  This year pretty much followed suit -- I renovated a bathroom, finished making a coffee table, reorganized my studio, played with Aruna, and relaxed with my [...]

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What’s Good in the Neighborhood, December 21, 2020


We start our short week with the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. What a poetic way to lead into vacation -- each day after Monday will progressively be longer and with more light after the Winter Solstice. Let’s mark this day as a turning point where we are looking toward the light with great anticipation.  I am so grateful for your partnership throughout this year.  Maybe after Winter Break I will be able to find the words to describe what this year has been for me, but for now I cannot and am simply grateful to you.  Our [...]

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What’s Good in the Neighborhood, December 14, 2020


  What does Family Arts Night look like in a Virtual setting?  It looks like a celebration.  It looks like education. It looks like community.  It definitely looks different than Family Arts Night in-person.  And, it’s just as special. Big thank you to Ms. Breai, Mr. Bush, and Ms. Cohen for the many, many hours it took to put this event together in such a seamless way.  As the year continues, we plan to continue to translate in-person school, events, and celebrations to an online format so that we can continue to connect as a community and celebrate the rich and [...]

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What’s Good in the Neighborhood, December 7, 2020


  Aaahhh, the crispness of a new morning.  The promise of a new day. The vision of a new trimester.  Welcome to Trimester 2, everyone!  We have new Google Classrooms, new Electives, new Intensives, and tweaks to general instruction coming our way! This week, Intensives and A-Team (Arts and Athletics) classes will be asynchronous as non-arts teachers finalize Intensives groupings and arts teachers finalize Family Arts Night for Friday (6-7:00). Next week we begin new Intensives and A-Team classes. This week and next week will be sign-ups and assigning Electives while providing asynchronous Elective offerings.  In these 12 days until Winter [...]

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What’s Good in the Neighborhood, November 30, 2020


This Friday marks the 60th day of the school year, exactly one-third of the way through the year.  I remember back, in the first couple weeks of school, with the hundreds of calls, texts, and emails about Zoom and technology issues, wondering how we would ever be able to sustain ourselves.  And, here we are, in the rhythm of the school year, looking toward a new calendar year, with engaged learning and school-wide events.  The rhythm may be different than in years past, but there is still a rhythm all its own. Don’t get me wrong -- Although I am pleased [...]

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What’s Good in the Neighborhood, November 23, 2020


Our lovely school was beginning to look pretty well neglected on the outside.  Weeds were encroaching on the entrance and bushes were taking over. Thanks to Kindergarten mom and master gardener, Cat Chupein (August’s mom), our school now looks tended to and cared for.   Spending time talking about native plants and long-term plans for the grounds around the building, I was reminded that the state of affairs at school (and in our lives) is all but a moment in time.    We have planned to remove all non-native plants and create gardens that will educate our students about having a sustainable relationship [...]

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What’s Good in the Neighborhood, November 16, 2020


This weekend I burned this piece of a log, with slices through the center and a wick down the middle.  As the wick burned and caught the wood on fire, a star opened up from the center of the log and extended out through the bark.  As I sat watching the log burn from the inside out, rather than the outside in, I was reminded to reconsider how I approach my daily ongoings. What do I do simply because it’s how it’s typically done?  And, how might I reconsider my  approach and create a new experience with greater fulfillment? My reflections [...]

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