At CNH, we understand the importance of families and the convenience of having siblings attend the same school. Therefore, we employ a Sibling Preference Policy that gives siblings of currently enrolled students preference in the enrollment process.

A sibling is defined as a brother and/or sister who reside in the same household AND:

  • share a common parent, or
  • are legally adopted by the same parent, or
  • are the legal responsibility of the same adult/parent.

Cousins, nieces, nephews, and/or unrelated children sharing the same address with a current CNH student, and who do not meet any of the above criteria, are not considered siblings. Two families residing in the same household who do not meet any of the above criteria do not qualify as siblings under our Sibling Preference Policy. A step-sibling must be legally adopted by the step-parent making application, or the step-parent must have been granted power of attorney by the natural parent in order for the step-sibling to qualify as a sibling under our Sibling Preference Policy. Proof of legal adoption/legal responsibility will be required at the time of enrollment. Failure to provide documentation of legal adoption/guardianship will result in the child’s acceptance to CNH being rescinded.

A separate Enrollment Application must be completed for each sibling. If a separate Enrollment Application is not received for each sibling, that sibling will not qualify for the Sibling Preference Policy. If there are more sibling applications for a specific grade than there are available openings in that grade, a sibling lottery will take place. The results of that lottery will remain in effect and the siblings will remain ranked in the order drawn for as long as that sibling continues to apply for enrollment at CNH, however, a new application must be submitted each year in order to remain ranked in order on the sibling waiting list. New sibling applications will be placed on the waiting list in order of receipt, behind those siblings already ranked. If there is more than one sibling applying for the same grade, there will be a lottery held among those sibling applicants to determine placement on the sibling waiting list. The Sibling Preference Policy is dependent upon available grade openings and does not guarantee enrollment for each sibling.