CNH Faculty and Staff


Principal:  Shyla Rao –
Culture of Care Coordinator:  Lauren Clements 
Office Administrator:  Stephanie King

Arts Faculty

Atelierista:  Hannah Cohen
Performing Arts:  Breai Mason-Campbell

Non-Arts Faculty

Kindergarten Teacher: Lisa Bryant
Kindergarten Teaching Fellow
1st Grade Teacher: LaShawn Gardner
1st Grade Teaching Fellow:  Suzanne (Suzie) Doogan 
2nd Grade Teacher:  Clara Walter
3rd Grade Teacher:  Charlene Butcher
2nd/3rd Teaching Post-Fellow:  Ashley Novak
4th-5th Literacy & Social Studies:  Tara McGarvey
4th-5th Math/K-8 Math Specialist:  Robert (Bob) Dietzen
4th-5th Teaching Post-Fellow:  Idris Olabode “Mr. O”
4th-8th Grade Science:  Jason Smith
6th-8th Math:  Randy Johnson 
6th-8th Social Studies:   Anthony Smooth
6th-8th Language Arts:  Elizabeth (Liz) Mencer
6th-8th Teaching Fellow:  Jerred Anderson 
Physical Education/Health:  Brad Bush

Special Education

Learning Lab/Special Education Office:  443-642-2514
Skills Coach (Special Educator) Chair:  Amanda Shipley 
Skills Coach (Special Educator) K-2:  Kim Farley 
Skills Coach (Special Educator) 3-5:  Jasper Gaerlan 
Skills Coach (Special Educator) 6-8:  Georgina (Georgie) Creamer 
School Psychologist:  Suzy McDonough

Health Suite

Health Aide:  Desiree Alston
Health Suite:  443-642-2054

Support Staff

Receptionists/Office Assistants: Kay Green, Ray Robinson
Utility Associate:  Celest Britton
Building Manager:  Gary Bryant
Café Manager:  Keara Edgar
Day Porters:  Kevin Townsend, Marcel Little
Crossing Guard:  Albert Vessells

City Neighbors Foundation

Director:  Mike Chalupa –

CNH Board of Directors

President: Erika Coughlin Chair of Executive Committee and Governance Committee  

Vice President: Raina Wilson Chair of Advocacy Committee and Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion, Events Committee  

Secretary: Lynette Svoboda Chair of the Communications Committee 

Treasurer: John Henderson Chair of the Finance Committee 

Director of Fundraising: Liz Spann Chair of Fundraising Committee   

Director of Parent Committee: Maryhelen Pflug Chair of Class Parent Committee (formerly Parent & Family Relations)    

Director of Participation: Elisabeth Hyleck Chair of Participation Committee (formerly Accountability)   

Director of Community Relations:  

Director of Facilities: Suranjan Chakraborty  Chair of the Facilities Committee  

Teacher Representative:

The CNH Board of Directors meets on second Tuesday of every month,  6:00 – 8:30 PM.