If the number of applicants for a given grade does not exceed the number of available spaces, all applicants in that grade will be offered admission to the school.

If the number of Enrollment Applications for a given grade exceeds the number of available spaces, students will be selected for admission by random lottery on a grade-by-grade basis, beginning with kindergarten and moving up each consecutive grade, i.e. kindergarten, first, second, third, etc. Students are selected in the lottery per grade level using the information supplied on the Enrollment Application. Inaccurate information regarding the applicant’s grade level or age will adversely affect the applicant’s placement on the acceptance/waiting list.

The enrollment lottery will be conducted by staff of City Neighbors Hamilton using a district-approved randomizer, and witnessed by a representative of Baltimore City Public Schools.  The enrollment lottery is open to all applicant families.

Our lottery is conducted virtually.  A link to join the lottery will be posted on the website.