After the lottery, there is a very specific timeline on accepting or declining the seat.  See the “Important Enrollment Dates and Deadlines.”  An acceptance card and registration form will be mailed to all accepted applicants by the deadline. If you choose to accept the seat, the card and registration form must be either hand-delivered or postmarked by the the deadline indicated. If we do not receive this written notification of acceptance postmarked by that deadline, we will offer the seat to the next applicant on the waiting list. Verbal notification of acceptance is not sufficient and a seat will not be held. Once accepted, prospective families will receive a list of other documents required, along with associated deadlines, in order to complete their enrollment, as required by Baltimore City Public Schools.

If, after the initial lottery deadlines have passed, we have an opening and your child is next on the waiting list, we will expect a yes or no response within two weeks, generally speaking.

In order to ensure full enrollment, seats that become available and are offered to candidates on the waiting list during the summer months will require a shorter turnaround time between notification and acceptance confirmation from families. The timeline becomes even more condensed as the beginning of the school year approaches and once school is in session. We will assume that every applicant family has explored our website, attended an Open House, and had all of their questions answered to determine if City Neighbors Hamilton is a good fit for their family when and if their child is offered a seat. See Open House dates here.