If possible, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher if your child will be absent (an email is acceptable) so the teacher knows not to expect the child late that day, as attendance is entered daily.  When your child returns to school, a note of excuse must be provided to the child’s homeroom teacher for the absence to be recorded as excused.  If there is no note provided or the information provided on the note is not a valid reason per Baltimore City Public School attendance policy, the absence will be recorded as unexcused.   A handwritten note is sufficient but, for your convenience, you can download and print a blank Absence Excuse Form that you may use.

If your child was absent due to a contagious condition, i.e., conjunctivitis (pink eye), strep throat, chicken pox, a physician’s note must be submitted to the Health Suite upon their return to school that states they have been treated and are no longer contagious.  Any questions regarding contagious conditions should be directed to the School Nurse/Health Aide:  443-642-2054.

If your child was absent for any reason, you should expect an automated phone call from Baltimore City Public Schools informing you of the absence.  These calls are outside the control of City Neighbors Hamilton.  If your child was present and you received an auto-call, please contact your child’s teacher.

COVID UPDATE:  Please follow any new protocols for Covid absences that may be in effect.