Prompt pick-up of all students is expected.  Unless there is driving rain, snow, or extreme cold, all classes will be dismissed from the front of the building.  In case of driving rain, snow, or extreme cold, students will be dismissed from indoors, usually from the cafe.

Vehicles will enter the campus off of Bayonne Avenue and drive through the school parking lot to form a car pick-up line along the school driveway.  Once you have entered the pick-up line, please do not leave your vehicle, as this will obstruct others who are collecting their child/ren.  Please observe all traffic/parking signs and exercise extreme caution when coming and going to ensure the safety of our students.

You may also park safely and legally in the neighborhood to retrieve your child.  When you park in the neighborhood, please be mindful and respectful of our neighbors by not blocking driveways, fire hydrants, or crosswalks.

Parking on campus is extremely limited and much of it is reserved for school employees.  If you choose to park on the school lot, do not block other parked vehicles or obstruct traffic with your vehicle.  Extra care should be taken when traveling through the school parking lot to ensure the safety of our students and staff.