At City Neighbors Hamilton, students are not required to wear uniforms.  However, in order to promote a safe and respectful learning environment and to ensure a focus on learning, CNH employs a dress code which all community members are expected to follow.

In general, we ask that children wear clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather and for fully participating in school activities, such as our music, art, and physical education programs. Please make sure your child’s clothing is comfortable.  Be aware that because we are a hands-on, project-based school, clothes will often get dirty.

Please follow the following guidelines and discuss them with your children: 

• No logo wear that represents any of the following: hate images, hate speech, violence, exclusionary messages, contraband, sexually explicit messages, or any references to them (i.e., sexually explicit language or graphics, alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or weapons).  This applies to all clothing and accessories, i.e. backpacks, folders, and binders.

• No see-through or revealing shirts or blouses.  Shirts with shoulder straps must be at least 1” in width. No shirts that expose undergarments. (Sleeveless dresses, blouses, or collared shirts are acceptable.)

• No midriff or cropped shirts. (Shirts must cover navel and not expose midriff.)

• Pants must be worn above the hips.  No sagging pants.  No clothes with revealing rips.

• Shorts or skirts should be no shorter than just above the knee. Girls should not wear skirts on physical education days, or should wear knee-length shorts underneath.

• No chains or heavy metal fasteners worn with clothing.

• Head wear: no sweatshirt hoods, hats, caps, or bandannas worn indoors during school hours. If a shirt or jacket has a hood attached, the hood must be kept down. If headwear must be worn for any extraordinary reason–personal, religious, or medical–please see the principal.)

• No flip-flops, high-heeled shoes, or heelies (shoes with wheels) at school.  Athletic shoes are required for P.E. classes.

If a student violates this code, we will contact the parent for an appropriate and timely remedy.