It is imperative that students are in their classrooms and ready to learn by 8:00 AM and we prefer they are settled in by 7:50.  A student’s tardiness not only negatively impacts that student’s learning for the day, it affects the learning of the entire class.  It also undermines the ideals of responsibility and schooling that we expect at City Neighbors Hamilton.

Tardiness disrupts the classroom, does not allow students the necessary time to begin their day calmly, and can set a rushed tone for the rest of their day.  Students who arrive late miss important activities, making the transition into their school day tense and stressful—not conducive to learning.

Because of our strong commitment to responsible schooling, which includes students arriving on time, we have implemented the following procedure for students who are tardy:

Any student arriving after 8:00 is considered late and must be escorted to their classroom by a parent, guardian, or any other adult responsible for dropping off the child at school and their tardiness will be noted by the homeroom teacher as an unexcused tardy, unless they provide the teacher with a note of excuse.  Please note that “running late” or “oversleeping” or “heavy traffic” are not valid excuses for tardiness per Baltimore City Public Schools’ attendance policy and all such tardiness will be considered unexcused.