How do I reach my child’s teacher directly?


Of course, teachers are unavailable during the school day.  If you call to speak to a teacher during school hours, a message will be taken and put in their mailbox.  You can also reach teachers via their school email.  A list of staff emails can be found here: staff list 2023-2024

How do I reach my child’s teacher directly?2023-09-06T10:27:12-04:00

What is the primary method of school-home communication?


Every Monday (Tuesday, if Monday is a holiday), a school newsletter will be sent home via email to each family.  It is very important that you read the weekly newsletter regularly in order to keep up with all the CNH news and the many activities your child will be participating in.  Please be sure to keep your email address updated so that you don't miss receiving the school newsletter. School newsletters can also be found on the News page. Individual grades will also receive grade-specific news and information directly from teachers.

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How about non-electronic toys?


As a school, we promote active and engaged play.  At recess and during “down time,” we believe that children learn most and best by playing together:  socializing, imagining, cooperating, laughing, and talking.  Toys brought from home can impede this valuable time and play.  In addition, these items can get lost, damaged, or cause issues among peers.  Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home unless they are specifically requested by the teacher.  

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Are students permitted to have or use cell phones or electronic devices in school?


Cell phones and/or any electronic devices are not necessary or appropriate in a school environment, and the risk of them being lost or damaged is high.  Please do not send your child to school with cell phones or electronic equipment.  Any cell phone or electronic device found in the possession of a student will be taken from them and returned to the parent at the end of the school day.

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Can I visit my child at school?


Planned classroom visits by parents/guardians are welcome at CNH, but before you plan to spend any time helping in the classroom, we ask that you talk to your child’s teacher in advance so they can plan accordingly and put you to good use! To avoid disruption to teaching, please do not "pop-in" or request to speak to a teacher immediately.  We request that you thoughtfully plan your visits and schedule meetings with teachers in advance. Any visitors to the school, including parents, must sign in and retrieve a Visitor label at the school office upon arrival. COVID UPDATE:  Please confirm the [...]

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What if my child takes medication during the school day?


If your child takes medication during the school day, a School Medication Administration Authorization Form must be completed for each medication and submitted to the Health Suite.  This form is required for both prescription and non-prescription medications.  You can download and print a School Medication Administration Authorization Form (available here).  Hard copies of this form can be obtained from the Health Suite.  Any questions regarding the administration of medications during the school day should be directed to the School Nurse or Health Aide:  443-642-2054.

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What is the dress code at CNH?


At City Neighbors Hamilton, students are not required to wear uniforms.  However, in order to promote a safe and respectful learning environment and to ensure a focus on learning, CNH employs a dress code which all community members are expected to follow.  In general, we ask that students wear clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather and for fully participating in school activities, such as our music, art, and physical education programs. Please make sure your child's clothing is comfortable.  Be aware that because we are a hands-on, project-based school, clothes will often get dirty.  Find our full dress code here.  

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Does CNH serve breakfast to its students?


Yes!  All students are eligible for a free breakfast at school, as long as they arrive in time to be served.  Breakfast begins at 7:30 AM and ends promptly at 7:50 AM.

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How does CNH do lunch?


All students are eligible to receive a free lunch. Of course, your child can bring a bagged lunch from home.  The BCPSS menu can be found here.

How does CNH do lunch?2022-09-30T15:44:57-04:00
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