The Scott Brothers (from HGTV), Kohl’s, and Heart of America have teamed up to provide an amazing opportunity. The first place school will win a library makeover (with an estimated value of $100,000)! The 30 runner-up schools will get a school supply crate and Harper Collins Books at an estimated value of $1,250.00.

To have a chance to win, we need lots of nominations.

The more nominations we have, the more we will be considered. Each person can nominate once a day until midnight on 10/31. Winners are announced in November.

Last year we envisioned transforming our current library into the Obi Okobi Learning Center. If we happen to win this, it would be amazing! It takes just a minute to nominate, and Emily kindly wrote a blurb (below) that you can copy and paste each day into the nomination comment. You could also write your own, or have students write them as well. Please nominate our school each day. We can’t win the amazing opportunity if we don’t nominate. It only takes a minute!

Nominate CNH’s Library Today!

Here is a nomination comment, or feel free to write your own:

City Neighbors Hamilton is an arts-integrated, project-based public charter school in Baltimore City. Our students, teachers, administrators and parents work tirelessly to create an exceptional learning environment, however, our current library does not reflect what a phenomenal institution City Neighbors Hamilton is. Ingrained in our culture is that everyone in the community feels they are Known, Loved, and Inspired. Known, Loved, and Inspired is a mantra students hear, see, and feel on a regular basis. It is what Obi Okobi, our former principal, used to tell students in her welcome speech, when having a heart-to-heart in her office, and when wishing the graduating class farewell at the end of their time with us. In 2017, our principal, Obi Okobi, unexpectedly passed in the middle of the school year. The loss was devastating to students, teachers, and parents in our close-knit community.

Following her death, we envisioned a peaceful space dedicated to our former principal, nestled in a newly renovated library. Obi believed in lifelong learning, self-care and loved books; a self-proclaimed “hoarder of resources.” She also believed deeply in equity. Creating a 21st Century Learning Center would be a wonderful way to honor her and provide amazing resources for the children of Baltimore City. As such, we want to recreate and dedicate our library space to her. We want to show our students that they are Known and Loved in the care taken to design the space for them. We want to recognize Obi’s love of books, her dedication to a lifelong love of learning, and her commitment to environments that foster self-care. This space is to Inspire our students to create, explore, and research as well as a space for our students, staff, and parents to remember and honor Obi.

The CNH Phone Number (needed for the form): 443-642-2052

Nominate CNH’s Library Today!