Staying Together By Staying Apart


Text on T-Shirt: “Easter 2020”

I went to Target the other day for some much-needed supplies (baby food, cleaning supplies, etc.). As I walked through the store with my gloves and mask on, waiting at the end of an aisle for someone to make their selections and move on so that we could maintain a 6-foot distance, and paying for my items on the other side of a plexiglass wall, I strangely felt connected to those around me.  We are all in this together. We smile with our eyes and step aside to allow others to pass.  In this strange, new reality, we are finding our way — whether it’s Zoom parties with friends, socially-distanced walks with neighbors, or FaceTime with grandma, we are finding ways to connect.
And, as we find ways to connect, let’s remember to reach out to friends with family members fighting the virus and support people we know in financial hard times. As I try to count the big and small blessings in my life and feel honored by the loving circle that embraces me, I remind myself that our community is a sum of its parts where all people need to be held, loved, and supported. In this next week, let’s all reach out to someone we wouldn’t normally contact and ask them how they’re doing… how they’re really doing.  And listen. The greatest gift that we all can give right now is compassion.
Much love to you all.  Please reach out to me if there’s anything the school can do to support you.
Happy 3rd week of Distance Learning!
–Dr. Shyla.

School Closures Extended to May 15

(Note:  As of May 8, all Maryland schools will be closed through the 2019-21 school year)

As you have probably heard, all Maryland Schools are closed until May 15. As we near that date, the State will reassess the situation and whether or not we need to remain closed for the remainder of the year. At the end of each week of Distance Learning, the CNH staff has reassessed the strategies they have employed and considered even more effective means for connecting with all students. And, as a team, we will consider what might be the best path for the next 4 (and possibly 8) weeks of Distance Learning. If you haven’t already, please send your child’s teachers a big thank you for the efforts they have employed to provide quality instruction in all disciplines. We extend a big thank you to YOU for your patience and support as we are working out how to do this well while maintaining the City Neighbors Way.

Your Child’s Privacy

We always act with the best of intentions and are constantly adjusting our practices as we go in order to provide the highest quality education while making sure we are aligned with District Guidelines and State Laws. Please review the Distance Learning Guidelines PDF attached to this email that was provided by the District. Numbers 5 and 6 are our area of focus right now — we will not record live lessons, you will not photograph or record the screen of students during live sessions, and we want to make sure that siblings and non-students of a class are not watching or participating in the class sessions unless they are helping your child access their education effectively. Thank you for adjusting with us along the way!

CNH Is Still Serving As A Food Site!

The National Guard offered to help serve food at Emergency Food Sites and is supporting CNH’s site. Please come for some free meals for your family.  Each person who comes to the school can take up to four meals so if your family of 4 comes, you can take 16 meals.

Spring Jam 2020 — A Note from the Community Relations Committee

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Relations Committee has postponed Spring Jam 2020 until the Fall.  We understand that during this time many things are uncertain, so within the next couple of months the committee plans to reconvene and talk through ideas of what this may look like.  We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and efforts to get us to this point. We are sending lots of love to our CNH Family and our city.
Be well.
-Community Relations Committee