Reflections as we Embark Upon a New Year

In this last school week of 2018, I have been reflecting upon the fall semester.  What a fall we’ve had!

  • We welcomed new teaching fellows and teachers who embody student-centered teaching and have had such a dynamic impact on each teaching team.  
  • We have engaged in vibrant new arts programming with two full-time arts teachers and new curricula that prepared us for an amazing Trimester One Arts Showcase.
  • We are eagerly anticipating the 8th grade trip to Puerto Rico and exciting fieldwork in all grade levels in Baltimore, DC, and New York City.
  • We have studied the cultural heritage of Native Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, African Americans, what people eat and play around the world, and how all of this has impacted who we are today.
  • We are figuring out how things work, what it takes to do different professions,  what freedom might look like, what it means to be a scientist, how to advocate for our rights, what it means to be American, and how we are influenced today by immigrants’ experiences of the past.
  • We are learning Math through social justice, Science through experiments, Reading through book clubs, Writing through personal narratives, Social Studies through the lens of other cultures, the Arts through action and making, and Physical Education through understanding our bodies.  

In short, it has been incredible to watch our young people engage in many factors that make them who they are in the world and what it means to grow up with various identities in America. In a country that was built on the backs of enslaved people, with a complicated relationship with immigration, and an espoused belief that the American Dream is available to all of us who reside in the United States even if in reality it doesn’t, it is a challenge to help a child navigate their relationship with our city, state, nation, and world.  Our teachers are doing an amazing job helping their students investigate our complicated histories/herstories as Americans in complicated times. If you get a moment before Winter Break, please take a moment to thank your child’s teachers for helping your child(ren) build dispositions of inquiry and engagement rather than of passive acceptance. Over break, ask your child to tell you three things they learned this fall that they are still thinking about while on vacation. It might be interesting to hear what they say.

Happy Week 16, all!  Have a wonderful and restorative Winter Break! 



This week:

  • Tuesday, Dec. 18:  3:30-5 PM– CNH Gear Day, Hot Chocolate fundraiser for Liam, and Ice Cream fundraiser for the Board
  • Wednesday, Dec. 19:  1 PM DISMISSAL every Wednesday
  • Wednesday, Dec. 19:  5-9 PM — Panda Express fundraiser at Parkville Shopping Center
  • Friday, Dec. 21:  Report Cards Mailed
  • Friday, Dec. 21: 1 PM DISMISSAL, beginning of Winter Break

This Week is Spirit Week!

  • Monday, Dec. 17: Spirit Day
  • Tuesday, Dec. 18: Twin Day
  • Wednesday, Dec. 19: Wacky Day
  • Thursday, Dec. 20: Throwback Thursday
  • Friday, Dec. 21: PJ and Reading Day

Looking Ahead:

  • Monday, Dec. 24 –Tuesday, Jan. 1–SCHOOL CLOSED FOR WINTER BREAK
  • Wednesday, January 2 — School Resumes


CNH Gear Day

Come one, come all!  Bring any article of clothing (or bag or pillowcase or…) and add a CNH logo to it for just $5!
(Non-stretchy materials work best.  The smoother the fabric, the better)

We have three logos available.  Students can make their own CNH gear during the school day.  

Families can come after school 3:30-5:00. You can purchase logos for your clothing, ice cream sundaes as a Board fundraiser, and hot chocolate to support a student-led fundraiser. It’ll be a great time while you make your very own CNH gear! You can also purchase CNH t-shirts that are pre-made with different logos for $20.

We will be accepting cash, checks, and credit cards.


Request for Volunteers at the Progressive Ed Summit, January 26

Dear City Neighbors Families,

We are still in search for volunteers for the 8th Annual Progressive Education Summit on January 26, 2019.    This is the premiere City Neighbors event of the year – gathering 400-500 educators from around the region for a day of learning, connecting, and growing.   We need you.

With three committed volunteers now, we are seeking 22 more from our three City Neighbors schools.    If you can volunteer, please e-mail our Summit Coordinator, and City Neighbors parent, Gwendolyn Unoko at   Information for volunteering is below.



This year we are asking for 24 Supportive Volunteers and 1 Specialty Volunteer with Mild Tech Skills for a total of 25 Volunteers, as follows:

One Registration Lead Volunteer (1), 8:00-12:00
Volunteers for Check In of Presenters (4), 8:00-10:00
Volunteer Greeters (8), 8:00-10:00
Volunteer with Mild Tech Skills (1), all or partial day
Volunteers  for Check In of Attendees at the Registration Table (6), 8:00-10:30
Volunteer to Lead Student Volunteers (1), all day
Volunteer to Lead Student Storytellers (1), 8:15-10
Volunteer to Lead Baltimore Adult Storytellers (2), 8:00-11:30
Volunteer to Lead the Baltimore Resource Fair (1), 10:00-1:00

 8th Grade Puerto Rico Fundraiser at Panda Express, THIS WEDNESDAY, December 19,

Parkville Shopping Center , 5-9 PM

Zeke’s Coffee Fundraiser

If you haven’t received your Zeke’s order, please contact Lynette Svoboda  at




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