“I Am More Than You Think You See”

Yesterday, I had brunch with one of my mentors.  We discussed how we all think we see others and how our own histories and experiences impact our perceptions of what we see. This conversation reminded me of my personal campaign, “Today You Art Beautiful.”

In an earlier blog post last year, I described this campaign, inspired by brain research, that suggests when you are happy, your body releases hormones that promote happiness and inhibit unhappiness, meaning that happiness breeds more happiness! With that, I wanted to remind others that they are beautiful today. It doesn’t matter how they were yesterday or how they thought they might act tomorrow — Today, they are beautiful.  And, the beauty of it all is that it is ALWAYS today!

With that, I have designed a tattoo that I want to wear on my arm.  It will read “Today You Are beautiful” in Hindi, one of the languages my family speaks in India. However, when you sound out the words that are written in Hindi, it reads in English.  This tension between English and Hindi, where it looks like one language but embodies the other, is my way to represent my bi-racial/bi-cultural identities.  This tattoo, that will live on my arm, will serve as a reminder that another person is not necessarily as they seem on the surface and are complex intersections of identities as well — And, throughout it all, they ARE beautiful.

Happy 23rd week of school, everybody!!

–Dr. Shyla.


This Week at CNH

  • Monday, Feb 11
    • Snow Day
  • Tuesday, Feb 12
    • 8:30 am – 12:30 pm — Annapolis Advocacy Action (Thanks to all of those who are participating!)
    • 6:00-7:30 pm — CNH Board Meeting — Public review of the budget at 6:00 (all are invited)
  • Wednesday, Feb 13 (100th Day of School)
    • 1:00-2:00 — CNH Lottery in the Library
    • 1:30-3:00 — DewMore Baltimore poetry club
    • 4:30-5:30 pm — Set-up for Breakfast with your Sweetheart (I’d love some volunteers to help!)
  • Thursday, Feb 14
    • 7:30-8:00 am — Breakfast with your Sweetheart!
    • 3:30-4:45 — MICA Art Club and NAL practice
  • Friday, Feb 15
    • 6:00-9:00 — Middle School Dance in the Cafe (Chaperones requested — See below)

A Look Ahead

  • Monday, Feb 18 — Yes, we have school on President’s Day due to snow
  • Tuesday, Feb 19 — 4:00-8:30 — Advocacy Annapolis Building Funding (email mchalupa@cityneighbors.org if you can join us!  We have seats left on the bus — or you can drive yourself)
  • Wednesday, Feb 27 — Senate and House Hearing in Annapolis — We need people to come and represent charter schools with us (email mchalupa@cityneighbors.org if you can join us)


100th 99th Day of School — Tuesday

I got 99 days but 100 ain’t one… We’re gonna party like it 99 days of school… 99 red balloon days…

Tomorrow is the 100 99th Day of School!  As it goes with tradition, we usually wear pajamas on the 100th day.  With the snow day, we’re going to celebrate the 99th day of school with PJs on Tuesday!!

Some teachers have scheduled other activities for their particular classes and will let you know how to go ahead with those activities (whether they will still be on Tuesday or on Wednesday).  Keep an eye out in the classroom Monday Mailers for more details!


Chaperones Needed for the MS Dance

This Friday, February 15th, 6:00-9:00, The Middle School Spirit Committee is hosting the Middle School Dance.  If you can help with set-up, picking up pizza, chaperoning the dance, or cleaning up afterward, please fill out the Google Form here. This is a great way for adults from any grade level to earn participation hours!


Log Your Participation Hours!

Did you meet with your child’s teacher about progress reports? Or go to a Letter Writing event? Maybe you volunteered at the Progressive Education Summit… Please Click here to log Your Family Participation Hours!

Even a half hour here and there adds up and shows how strong our community is! 


Thanks for all you do to support our school!

The Family Participation Committee


Support the Clothing Drive — Student Initiative

Hi, my name is Lillian Hyleck and I am in the 6th grade at CNH. About a week ago a homeless man came to my neighborhood and made a shelter behind my garage. I was worried about him and so I went to Ms. Lauren and my parents to see if maybe I could do something. My Girl Scout troop had done a Warm Things Drive and Ms. Lauren thought I could do something like that. Together we found two shelters for homeless people that we could donate to. The shelters that I am collecting donations for are Manna House (Clothing Items) and My Sisters Place (Food Items). We are collecting:

  • Toiletries
  • Blankets and Sheets
  • Men’s Clothing and Shoes
  • Women’s Clothing and Shoes
  • Towels
  • Canned Fruits
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Canned Meat
  • Canned Tuna and Chicken
  • Mayonnaise
  • Coffee (ground)
  • Sugar
  • Creamer
  • Canned Soups
  • Napkins
  • Aluminum Foil

All of the clothing items must be in good shape. Please drop them in your Classroom\Advisory. We would like to receive most donations by March 2, 2019. Thank you for helping the homeless in our city.


Two Important School Calendar Notes:

  1. We DO have school next Friday, February 15th. It is not a Professional Development Day.
  2. Whether or not we have school on Presidents’ Day (Monday, February 18th) is up in the air. (See message from City Schools below)


Important update about Presidents’ Day and snow day make-up

Because all schools were closed on January 14 due to weather, City Schools must now make up one day during the school year. According to the approved calendar for this school year, the now designated make-up day is Presidents’ Day(Monday, February 18).

We are working to find another option so that students, staff, and families will not have to give up the long weekend. Although this cannot be confirmed until the next Board of Commissioners meeting (February 12) when the Board can vote on a calendar change, our plan is to recommend extending the school year by one day in June instead of opening schools on Presidents’ Day.

Governor Hogan’s executive order requiring the school to begin after Labor Day and end by June 15 results in very limited flexibility to make up snow days or adjust the calendar for other emergencies. If we do not have more bad weather between now and spring break, we are optimistic that we can keep Presidents’ Day as a holiday and also avoid taking days out of spring break. However, if we have more snow days in the coming weeks, that may not be possible.

We will send out another communication the evening of February 12, to let you know the outcome of the Board vote regarding Presidents’ Day—and we will keep you updated about any other calendar changes that might be needed if we experience more bad weather this winter.

Thank you for your understanding.


Budget Discussion — Open to the Public

Next Tuesday, February 12th, the CNH Board will discuss the school budget for next year.  This is open to the public at 6:00 in the Atelier. You are welcomed to join us for the discussion.


Breakfast with your Sweetheart

February 14, 7:30-8:00

On Thursday, February 14th, from 7:30-8:00, we will have our annual free “Breakfast With Your Sweetheart.” Ms. Keara will prepare french toast with real whipped cream and berries, juice, coffee, and milk. CNH students and their adults are welcome to join!

Please RSVP here.