This text was sent to me by a mentor of mine for the past 25 years, since I was in college.  She never raised children in her house, but boy was she a mother figure to me and many, many others:

“Redefining the word “mother” changes the focus on Mother’s Day from honoring women with children to honoring all women who mother. The world is filled with mothers. A mother selflessly gives and helps those around them. She nurtures children. She helps those around her deal with difficult things. A mother can be a teacher, aunt, or friend. Mothering has less to do with having children and more to do with how you treat the children in your life.”

With that definition, I have “mothered” well over 5,000 students from pre-K through graduate school in 5 different countries, 13 nieces and nephews, 4 godchildren, 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 daughter, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the “mothers” out there!

Happy Week 34!

–Dr. Shyla


Noteworthy Upcoming Dates:

May 10-14

Progress Report Conferences — 12:30 early release for all students (In-Person and Online)

Tuesday, May 11, 7:00-8:00

Committee Night — Help us plan how to end the year with joy and celebration and enter summer with activities and a focus toward next year!

May 24-28

Grades K-2 Assessment Week (Each Grade band is a different week)

May 31

No School — Memorial Day

June 1-4

Grades 6-8 Assessment Week

June 7-11

Grades 3-5 Assessment Week

Grades 6-8 Ketchup and Mustard Week (Catch-Up on Missing Work and Work that Must-be-started)

June 8

Last Day of targeted in-person learning — The rest of the week will be online.

June 9

Gallery Night — A celebration of learning in ALL classes!

June 10

8th Grade Graduation

June 11

Last Physical Friday

June 14-15

Technology Return

Tuesday, June 15

Last day of school



Hiring Update — 2nd Grade

After a robust search with a number of very strong, progressive educator candidates, I am overjoyed to announce our new 2nd grade teacher for next school year. Sakinah Miller, our current 1st grade teaching fellow, was selected for the position.  She rose above the other candidates with her student-centered teaching practice, depth of expertise of child development, commitment to equitable and inclusive practice, and pedagogical expertise.  We are so excited to see how she serves in this important role helping students transition from early childhood to mid-elementary. In the past two years, Sakinah has demonstrated effective leadership with the Teaching Fellows team, schoolwide on the Leadership HUB, and within the K-2 team.

Since Clara Walter will still be working at the school as a part-time Intervention Teacher next year, she is going to serve as Sakinah’s mentor to support her in the transition from 1st grade to 2nd and to help her keep successful routines and practices in place.  All teachers get a mentor their first two years at the school, and it’s always so effective when the mentor is the teacher who previously held the position. It’s going to be such a dynamo K-2 team next year!

Please join me in welcoming Sakinah to the 2nd Grade!


Committee Night TOMORROW, May 11, 7:00-8:00

Committee Night is the second Tuesday of every month 7:00-8:00 pm.  Here is the link to join Committee Night at 7:00.  After the introduction, at 7:15, you will join your committee of interest (listed below).

Don’t forget to log your participation hours!


Link to Join Committee Meeting

Plan fundraising and communication efforts at CNH

(Fundraising and Communication)

Let’s engage with the community!

(Community  Relations)

Meeting ID

Phone Numbers

(‪US‬)‪+1 385-645-7157‬

PIN: ‪549 834 196#‬

Help sustain a Culture of Care at CNH

(Culture of Care) — This month is end of year celebrations!

Plan ways to improve the grounds around the school (murals, gardens, etc)


Plan fun ways for families to participate with other CNHers

(Family Participation)

Don’t forget to log your participation hours!


The District Wants to Hear from You!  WE Want to Hear from You!

The end of the year is almost here! Before students start their break, we want to hear from you! Our annual End of the Year Family Survey is your opportunity to give feedback on your school experiences. School and District leaders will use the data from this survey to plan for next year. Make sure that your voice is heard!

The End of Year Family Survey will be open through Friday, May 21. This anonymous survey will take about 10 min to complete. You can take this survey on any internet connected device at Select the school that your child attends from the dropdown menu. Take one survey for each school that you have a child enrolled in. The survey is available in 12 languages: Amharic, Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Nepali, Kinyarwanda, Swahili, Tigrinya, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Simplified Chinese.

Thank you for sharing your experience about City Neighbors Hamilton!


💙 Show your School Pride with CNH Swag! 💙

Who else loves seeing all the CNH bumper stickers driving around the city? Have you noticed your kid’s CNH and Known, Loved, Inspired shirts are all getting too small? Now they can get a fresh version for the coming warmer weather. We even have masks, mugs, hoodies, phone cases and more. Show off your school pride AND help support our school with your purchase – everyone wins. Click here to check out the CNH school store (Be sure to use the left hand navigation to see all the CNH Gear)


Resources for Families


Care Center Site


Families can access the Care Center Site by accessing the CNH Family Site and clicking on the Family Resources tab. You can also click here to access the site. Students, teachers, and families can find different ways to support social-emotional learning on this site. You can also use this site to get in touch with Ms. Lauren & Mr. Jerred.

Care Center Week Ahead

  • Mindful Monday

  • Wellness Wednesday

  • Find a Friend Friday


Donations to the School

If you would like to donate money to the school (for any reason), the easiest way is through our PayPal account. If you want your donation to go to a specific fund or activity (general educational expenses, technology, arts, etc), please note it with your donation.

PayPal Donate Button on Website:

If you aren’t able to donate funds to the school right now, we always appreciate your donation of time supporting the general programming needs at our school (all virtual, of course).  If you would like to volunteer for the school, please email our Family Participation Board Director Elisabeth Hyleck at


Helpful Links

  • The CNH Academic Calendar — This gives all important dates for this year (end of each trimester, Progress Report Conferences dates, etc.)

  • CNH Family  Site — This is one-stop shopping for families (links to Google Classrooms, Family  Resources, the Care Center, Tutorial Videos, etc.)

  • School Schedule Spreadsheet — This document has each grade’s schedule with links to Zoom meetings in one mega spreadsheet.  (NOTE: Student schedules are also posted in every Google Classroom with links to Zoom meetings)

  • Family  Participation Hours Log — Any time you participate in a meeting with a staff member, attend a school event, participate in progress report conferences, or attend Committee Night, complete this form so that we can keep track of your participation!  Every family needs to log 40 hours of participation each year.

  • CNH Main Website — Here is the main website with information about the school and resources.

  • CNH Care Center Site — Find resources for supporting your child’s (and your own) social-emotional learning needs as well as see the videos posted for our morning meetings each week.

  • COVID Testing Sites — If you are experiencing symptoms, click this link to find a testing site near you.

  • Meal Sites — This site provides information for meal sites as well as other resources for accessing food.

  • Shyla Rao’s appointment calendar — Feel free to make an appointment if you have questions, comments, or concerns. Shyla looks forward to meeting with you!