Socially-Distanced Graduations

The block in front of my house had two college (MICA and U of Arts), one Poly, and two elementary graduates so my neighborhood hosted a socially-distanced graduation ceremony for the four of them.  Neighbors and friends cheered along the street and also watched on Zoom as each graduate was announced.  The police came, bloop blooped their sirens, and announced each name as they walked down the street. It was touching and beautiful to see a community embrace their young people and provide them with the honor and celebration they deserve.  

Last Thursday, a group of family members joined me on Zoom to discuss possibilities for end-of-year celebrations and rituals at CNH.  I have been sharing your ideas with faculty, and they have loved them!  With the year beginning to wind down (Week #36 of the school year and Week #7 of Distance Learning), we will be sharing plans and ideas soon.  

Hug your little ones.  I miss them so much!

Coming soon:  We will be having a TikTok competition for the new CNH morning greeting instead of shaking hands or high fives.  Information will be in next week’s What’s Good!

Have a great week!


Dr. Shyla.


Mark Your Calendars: CNH 8th Grade Graduation, Thursday, June 4

We will be hosting a CNH-style celebration of our 8th graders that will be online as well as (hopefully) partially in person.  The faculty have been putting together some great ideas, with inspiration from parent input, and will be working with the 8th graders to finalize plans.  I will be working behind the scenes to make sure what they plan is something we’re actually allowed to do.
What we DO know is that it will be Thursday, June 4 in the evening. Details forthcoming!

Grab n Go Pantries in Partnership with World Central Kitchen

Whereas CNH still serves as a food site, City Schools has partnered with World Central Kitchen to provide 7 frozen meals per person and up to 28 meals per household at the Grab n Go sites above.

Please feel free to spread the word about this community resource!


Get Some of Your Questions Answered

Dr. Santelises is live on Facebook every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. to answer your questions.  Join her tomorrow!


Meet with Dr. Shyla

If you ever want to meet with me, feel free to make an appointment using my appointment calendar. I am always open to hearing ideas, sharing stories, helping solve challenges, and listening to concerns or celebrations.  We can meet over the phone or Google Meet or Zoom.  I’m happy to accommodate whatever format works best for you.  Click here to make an appointment.


Computers Through the Teacher Democracy Project

I just spoke with Rebecca Yenawine of the Teachers Democracy Project.  She said that they have received way more requests than computers, and they are working hard to collect more donated devices.  If you have a computer, laptop, or tablet, please let me know.  I’d be happy to get you in contact with them. If you need a computer and filled out the form I emailed a few weeks ago, they will be reaching out to families as devices become available.

We are down to our last few Chromebooks at CNH, but if you have a need, please reach out to me (  I deliver Chromebooks each weekend to families who are finding a need and would be happy to deliver the last few until they run out.