A Time to Reflect…

This time of year makes me nostalgic. At this point in the school year, we are still holding onto the hopeful optimism of the start of a new school year as well as are far enough into the school year to reflect and tweak instruction.  We have assessed where students need supports and extensions, and we’re deeply engaged with learning that is both meaningful and appropriate for each student. We are also at a point in the year where we meet with families and discuss where each student is in their trajectory of learning and how we can best support them both in and outside of school. I love this time of the year! 

I look forward to seeing you at Progress Report Conferences this week, and I super look forward to partnering with you to extend your child’s learning for the next 80% of the school year! 

Happy Week 8, everyone!

–Dr. Shyla.


This Week…

  • Wednesday (23rd), Thursday (24th), AND Friday (25th) 1:00 Dismissal for Progress Report Conferences
  • Friday, October 25 — Movie Night sponsored by the Middle School Spirit Committee

Mark Your Calendars

  • Friday, November 1 — Winter Coat Swap!
  • Friday, November 1 — Middle School Dance
  • Monday, November 4 — No School (Teacher Profesional Development)
  • Friday, November 8 — Student Voice Association Elections


REMINDER: 1:00 Dismissal Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

This week!!


Progress Report Conferences

This Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

Be sure to sign up for your child’s progress report conference this week. It is important that we offier you the opportunity to hear about your student’s progress with enough time to effect changes as necessary.

Sign-ups have been sent out from each teacher already.  If you have not received a sign-up from your student’s teacher, please let us know so that we make the necessary changes. !


Movie Night This Friday, October 25th!!!

This Friday, the Middle School Spirit Committee is hosting a family movie night from 6:00-9:00 in the Cafe. Snacks will also be sold during the movies. Hope to see you there!

The Spirit Committee is looking for volunteers to help with ticket and food sales.  If you 


Student Voice Association Elections

We are excited to announce that the Student Voice Association (SVA) elections are about to begin! Any student, grades 3-8 can run for a position on the SVA.  We have one classroom representative for each grade as well as four leadership roles that constitute “The Core” of the SVA. All positions are open for elections. We hope that your child would like to help advocate for new initiatives at our school and in our community!

Instead of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, the leadership team is called “The Core.” Roles include:

  • Facilitator — Collects ideas from students and facilitates meetings
  • Promoter — Gets support from Board, faculty, and community with new initiatives. This position also serves as the student representative on the CNH Board and will attend Board meetings the second Tuesday of every month, 6:00-7:30. 
  • Organizer — Leads the students in making new initiatives happen. 
  • Member-at-Large – Supports The Core in collecting student opinion and enacting initiatives

 Timeline for elections:

  • Monday, October 28, 11:00-11:30 — Interest Meeting in the Cafe Chill Room. 
  • Tuesday, October 29, by 3:30 — Student submit their “Intent to Run” form in the Main Office
  • Wednesday, October 30-Friday November 8 — Hang signs for student campaigns
  • Friday, November 8 — Special Election All-School — Speeches for The Core positions as well as voting for all positions. (Please note that campaigning and speeches for Classroom Representatives is limited to the classroom. Those running for Classroom Representative will not be giving their speech at All-School.)


Middle School Dance, November 1st

— Volunteers Needed —

Earn Family Participation Hours by helping to decorate, pick up pizza, chaperone the dance, or clean up afterward.  No matter the age of your child, you can still support the Middle School Dance and earn your hours.  

Click HERE if you would like to volunteer for any part of the evening. Hope to see you there!


Winter Coat Swap — Friday, November 1


It’s starting to get cold outside! Please consider donating new or gently used coats, hats, scarves, and gloves for us to share with our friends at CNH. 

By donating a coat, your child will be able to participate in the Coat Swap on November 1 — Students will be able to “shop” the coats and pick one that they would like to wear this year! Even if you don’t want your child to participate in the coat swap, please consider donating a coat to help keep another child warm this winter.

We will keep the hats, scarves, and gloves for students to use during recess or if they do not have some of their own.

All donations will be collected in the Main Office.


Arts/PE Integration and Class Blog

Introducing the Arts/PE Integration and Class Photo Blog. We are excited to share photos of the great work happing in physical education, dance and visual art classes. Check out the photoblog on Mondays to see highlights from the previous week. 



~Ms. Cohen, Ms. Breai and Mr. Bush



Clothing Donation Drive

We keep a collection of plain t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants in the office in case someone slips in the mud, spills something on themselves, or needs a change of clothing for any reason during the day. We also keep a collection of belts in case someone needs one.

Please consider donating new or gently used children and adult-sized clothing (for kindergarten through 8th-grade students to wear). 

All donations will be collected in the Main Office.


Policy Review

After students are dismissed at the end of the school day, they are not permitted to come back into the building. We have had an influx of students asking to be buzzed back into the building, without an adult, to get water, use the bathroom, or go to teachers’ rooms to find missing items all afternoon and evening after school has ended. 

Students may use the bathroom and fill up their water bottles during dismissal (3:15-3:30 or 1:00-1:15 on Wednesdays) but may not do so after the dismissal time. 

Please remind your students of this policy.  Thank you! 


What’s on the Menu This Week?


Wanna Meet with Dr. Shyla or Ms. Rashida?

You are invited to make an appointment to meet with either of us, at your convenience, using our appointment calendar. Be sure to add the topic/agenda of our meeting in the Notes section, so that we are prepared for the meeting. We look forward to speaking with you. 


Here is the link to Shyla’s Appointment Calendar.


Here is the link to Rashida’s Appointment Calendar.